Factors that Determine How Often Lash Extensions are Refilled

For eyelash extensions to remain beautiful and in good shape, they will need to be refilled after a while. The frequency of refilling will depend on the following factors:

  • Level of care and hygiene: A person who applies makeup on the eyelash extensions will have to go through more repairs as the lashes will wear in the process of applying and removing it. If you do not apply makeup on the lashes will have them last longer and will not require frequent repairs.
  • Activity level: A person who sweats a lot due to physical activity will require more repairs as the lashes will be ruined by sweat and dirt. You will also need more frequent repairs if you sleep while tossing around in bed. A person who does not engage in a lot of physical activities and sleeps without tossing will have the lashes last much longer.
  • Genetics: the eyelash extension will behave in the same way your natural hair behaves. If you need frequent visits to the salon to have your hair made, the lash extensions will equally require similar attention.
  • Personal preference: there are people who will not just be comfortable if an eyelash extension lasts one week without being attended by a professional. Such a person will go for refills, not because the lashes are in bad shape, but because you got used to doing that often.

The duration your eyelash extensions will last depends on how well you take care of them. Lash extensions will look good even without makeup. You will not need to ruin them by applying makeup them removing it in the evening. Follow the directions given by the lash specialist and you can be assured that your lashes will last long and will not require frequent refills. You can even make an effort to change your sleeping pattern to avoid interfering with the lashes in your sleep.



Laser Hair removal has gained great popularity among men and women. Even though women o for laser hair removal treatments, these days men rely on such treatments for removing the excess hair on back and chest. Now with advanced technology and reasonable time, people never go for using a razor again.

Laser Hair removal treatment starts off by applying an anesthetic gel on areas to be treated then the laser will be activated and the skin follicles will be absorbed. The actual hair will be heated and the treatment starts processing. All hairs don’t grow at same growth phase so the hairs inactive phase of growth is receptive to laser hair removal treatment.


If you have decided to rely on permanent laser hair removal, you need not have to worry or bother about waxing or having any more. The most challenging and important job is to pick an efficient and professional clinic that does a laser hair removal.

If you chose a clinic that does a permanent laser hair removal treatments, you must make sure that it is highly professional and efficient with appropriate highly advanced technological equipment’s. If the chosen clinic is a professional one, you need not have to worry about your body. You can trust them even when they are pointing a laser at your sensitive skin. But if the chosen clinic is unprofessional and an unqualified person handles your body, you will have a very bad experience and the situation will become worse. In that case, you end up spending lot of money by frequently visiting clinic until the laser hair removal process gets completed.


Look for a clinic with good reviews from customers. You should ask for suggestions from your friends and family. You can depend on the Internet for the best clinic. There will be a glowing description of the clinic on the Internet and you can find the most efficient and professional clinic from the Internet. Once you have chosen the clinic, you can just wait at the stepping door and by observation will tell you about the overall atmosphere and proficiency of the Internet.

It is always recommended to go for a consultation before you actually fix an appointment or the actual laser treatment. The technician can educate and clear your doubts regarding the treatment and you can even ask about cost and other details. It requires lots of research and careful observation and evaluation to pick the best professional and trusted a firm that provides the most efficient laser hair removal treatments.


Price budget is another important factor that everyone should always think of.  Some clinics will be of your price range. You will have to do comparisons and see what different clinics offer for the price.


Everyone has doubts on if the laser treatment is safe. Everyone is unique and it is necessary to receive a consultation from an expert technician before you make a decision. When it comes to doing laser hair removal treatment, people are all questions. You should be very cautious about the technicians in the clinic. You should make sure that they are qualified and are professional. They should have experience in doing these treatments. Do not fall in being an experiment for unqualified technicians.


Hot Stone Massage

What is a Hot Stone Massage? Simply put it, Hot Stone Massage is a type of massage that use heated stones to relax your body. To experience the best of this type of massage, you must choose the right therapist. Chose a massage therapist that is specialize or trained on hot stone massage. Massage therapists must be licensed or certified before practicing hot stone massage. Therapists will then enroll in a stone massage certificate program. You don’t want to end up burning your skin, do you? You may ask spa staff for a therapist that is skilled on handling hot stone massage or you can ask directly a therapist how trained him or her is on handling hot stone massage.

How is a Hot Stone Massage done? As you lay face down, the therapist massages your body with the traditional Swedish massage. Then, the therapist will start to massage your back with heated stones. Heating stones varies depending on the spa where you intend to go. One way of heating a stone is by using a slow cooker, but this is not highly recommended. The Spa-Pro Massage Stone Heater is the most popular heater used for hot stone massage. It has an adjustable temperature control that allows the therapist to adjust heat temperature for a safe massage. Working at a temperature between 120 degrees Fahrenheit and 130 degrees Fahrenheit is best for hot stone massage. The therapist may massage you in long stroke motion, circular movements, tapping, vibration or kneading. Some stones may be placed along your spine, palms or on your feet and toes. For bigger muscles, therapist may put bigger stones while smaller stones for smaller muscles. As the stones cools, the therapist replaces it with another heated stones. You can speak up if the stones are too warm for you to handle. Therapeutix Wellness Center is one of the leading trailblazers in the hot stone therapy space continuing to create innovative methods to making this service stand out.

The stones used in Hot Stone massage are usually basalt, a volcanic rock that retains heat and has been smoothed by natural forces. Sedimentary rocks can also be used. These are the type of rocks that are formed as eroded earth layers on top of each other and the pressure slowly turns the earth into rock. One should choose a heavier stones for better heat conductivity. Stone shape is also important. Stones must fit the body’s natural contour. It should be smooth and polished and the size as well as weight must be comfortable for the client.

Hot stone massage helps blood flow as it warms an affected area. It may also boost immunity and reduce chronic stress and tension created by strained muscles. As your muscle relax, hot stone massage helps arthritis and osteoarthritis pain fade away. It may also help relieve depression and insomnia.

Hot stone massage is good for everyone except for those who has the following:

  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Pregnant
  • Menopausal
  • Bleeding Disorder
  • Sunburn
  • Open Wounds
  • Surgery taken in the last 6 weeks

Hot stone massage requires time for preparation on the part of therapists, from sanitizing stones to heating them. Hot stone massage may cost $125-$150 or even higher.


A lot of people in the fashion world today are making use of these two styles, that is, FALSE EYELASH and EYELASH EXTENSION without knowing the differences. This is applicable to both the literate and the illiterate.

The obvious truth is that there are crystal and plain differences between them. Just as their names portrays; “Fake and Extension”.

In this article, we shall be taking a look into ways of differentiating between them.

Before engaging in stating the difference though, I think it will be proper we have a little enlightenment about what we are stating its differences. Now!


They are also called FALSIES and are artificial lashes made out of synthetic or human hair, fix on a straight strap that is glued to the eyelash area. We do also have different types of falsies.

The common and most seen types include;

  • THE INDIVIDUAL EYELASHES also called FLARED EYELASHES; that are applied in the same ordinance as eyelash extensions. It often comes pre-packed as clusters of hair. They are then pick one-by-one and fix to the natural eyelashes. One stunning thing about this falsie is that it looks more like natural eyelashes which made it possess the quality of EYELASH EXTENSION.
  • Another is the STRAP FAKE EYELASHES; which is the most common today. Unlike the latter, it’s not fixed individually, it’s all fixed on a strap and the strap is then glued to the eyelash area. It also possesses a definite artificial look to the flared eyelashes.

Now, let’s move down to EYELASH EXTENSION:

They are synthetic fibers attached to your natural eyelashes strip by strip and make it look so natural and also voluminous. According to http://www.eyelashogden.com, it gives you the appearance of having MASCARA on without the messy clumps or smudging make up.


  1. SYNTHETIC: which is the most less valued as, it’s not expensive or cost demanding made from artificial materials.
  2. SILK: which is the darkest of all the types of eyelash extensions and gives you the look of having already have mascara on. The darkness gives you a dark unique look which others do not possess.
  3. MINK: this is the most costly and expensive, demanding of all and has a more natural look like your real eyelashes.

 Now, let’s set into differentiating between FALSIES and EYELASH EXTENSION.

Things to consider are;

  1. THE USAGE: the process in getting both done is obviously different. Falsies does not necessarily require professional touch as it’s something anyone can handle, unlike eyelash extension that requires a professional lash stylist to save you the stress, time, and unnecessary risk of skin infection.
  2. TIME: your schedule needs to be an “A” grade of total freeness when on with eyelash extension because it takes longer time than fixing of falsies which only depend on how fast you’re. Maximum of 1-10 minute with falsies, unlike eyelash extension that can last you 2-3 hours with professional lash technician.
  3. WEIGHT: eyelash extension was invented to become and look more like your natural eyelashes, hence it’s as light as each lash itself. False eyelashes on the other hand are a bit heavy, considering the strap laid on your lashes area and hindering the movement of your eyes.
  4. COST: it’s normal for something of higher quality to be definitely costlier than the inferior, so is eyelash extension to falsies as well. Eyelash extension is very costly considering the originality, falsies on the other hand is a cheap valueless set of hair on a strap which can be bought anywhere. When I say anywhere, I didn’t mean at the pepper selling joint. You get it, right?
  5. NATURAL LOOK: also eyelash extension gives you natural look as it is fixed next to the natural lashes. However, falsies can look stumpy and unnatural.
  6. LASTING POWER: eyelash extension can last to a year if proper care is given to it. Unlike false eyelashes that falls off the moment the glue is loosen maximum after a week.
  7. ACTIVITIES: eyelash extension is not ripe to engage in some activities such as; swimming or activity that will make one sweat, until after 48hours of making it. False eyelashes however, are ready for any activities the moment they fixed.

With adequate prove, it’s agreed that both false eyelashes and eyelash extension have the same function which confuse people to think that all eyelashes are the same. Whereas they both, in their quality, possess obvious and crystal differences which I have made clear above.

I bet you can now testify to the differences between them and have enough knowledge to your choice of eyelashes. The choice is now yours.